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Digital book production in a continuous manufacturing process

Océ at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Venlo, The Netherlands, 6 October 2010 – Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announces that it will attend the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair from 6-10 October in collaboration with CPi buch bü, Hunkeler and Horizon featuring “one to one million – the art of digital book production. Individual. Limitless.” Océ will showcase the world’s most productive toner-based b/w continuous feed printing system, the Océ ColorStream® 10000 Flex, in a 1/1 configuration with the latest professional finishing technologies from Océ partners Hunkeler and Horizon.

The art of digital book printing

On stands A1343 and A1344 in Hall 4.0, fair visitors will experience live and first-hand the entire manufacturing process of a  digital on-demand book production. The process will cover data preparation, digital printing, post-processing and associated logistics. Visitors can witness how much high-performance digital printing with perfectly matched post-processing and appropriate logistics can offer.

Various types of books will be printed on the Océ ColorStream 10000 Flex, then pass through perfect binding and three-side trimming processes. One highlight of Océ’s presence at the fair will be the presentation on 8 October 2010 about “Digital book printing – innovative concepts create new value creation perspectives” on stand 1344 at 12:30.

Digital instead of offset – a real alternative for small runs

In the area of digital book production, both the market and the technologies involved have moved more and more closely towards each other in recent years. “Now is the right time to employ digital printing as an alternative to or in conjunction with offset printing, depending on the run size,” explains Peter Wolff, Vice President Graphic Arts, Océ Production Printing. “With the Océ ColorStream 10000 Flex, Océ demonstrates an innovative technology that meets the requirements of this market as well as offering the greatest possible productivity in other business related application areas.”

Book production in end-to-end workflow

The modular Océ ColorStream 10000 Flex printing system is the highest configuration level of the world’s most productive toner-based b/w continuous feed printing system. It offers full-color functionality operating up to five colors. Excellent printing quality and front/reverse page registration, combined with a huge range of possible media, offer the perfect prerequisites for high-productivity book printing. Live production in b/w and preproduced color applications created on the Océ ColorStream 10000 Flex will be on show. Professional workflow management will be ensured through the use of Océ PRISMAproduction.

Hunkeler online modules complement the production line. An UW6 Unwinding Module is positioned upstream of the printing system. After printing, the continuous web sheet is cut lengthwise and crosswise, separated and collated and delivered as a finished book block. The CS6-I is a rotary cross cutting module with an electronically adjustable crosscut. The sheet streams coming from the CS6 are aligned, separated and offset while the sheets run through the SE6 Separating Module. The LS6 Stacker collects and stacks individual pages and passes them to post-processing. Stack separation and stack offset are performed non-stop (without printer stops). Delivery of the finished book blocks is carried out by the TB6 Delivery Module.

Horizon will present an offline module to complete the end product: a bound soft-cover book. The fully automatic BQ-270 perfect binder features cover feeding, scoring and hot-melt gluing. Three-side trimming is carried out by the fully automatic HT-30 cutting robot.

The digital printing professionals Océ, Hunkeler and Horizon join forces to demonstrate all manufacturing steps required for on-demand book printing, supported by a profound knowledge of printing and post-processing technologies, business processes in the book business and opportunities offered for this growth market.



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